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September 2009 Hubby is Reluctant to Accept Promotion Because He Flakes
from Theresa L.

Hi Clara: I feel a little embarrassed even bringing this up while so many thousands of people are losing their jobs in the U.S.

My husband, has had psoriasis for most of his life and is considered "severe" by his dermatologist. At work he's just been offered a BIG promotion that he wants to turn down. Let me back up.

He has worked for his company for over 15 years and has had several different jobs but they did not involve direct daily contact with the public. He worked in an office or a warehouse or a lab with the same people, day in day out, and his obvious psoriasis was soon accepted and ignored by his co-workers.  Last week he was offered a position in a different department and the salary would be a 20% increase for him. HOWEVER, he would have to travel around the state and meet clients face-to-face. The thought scares him to death.

Frankly, his reluctance stunned me. He is such a personable person. Everybody he knows likes him. I can understand easily why his bosses have decided he is the right man for this job. How can I convince him he is?

Hopefully yours, Theresa L.


Dear Theresa:  Thank you for visiting. Congratulations to your husband for the great offer he's been handed.  First, you cannot convince your husband to take this promotion; he must decide if he wants to stand still or move on.  Have you noticed how, over the past five years or so, public awareness of psoriasis has increased? I suppose we can thank the various pharmaceutical companies that advertise and celebrities like CariDee English and LeAnn Rimes who talk publically about their own cases, and the media that pays attention to them. What it all adds up to is psoriasis is out of the closet.  Most everybody thinks of it as an unfortunate way of life. Your husband won't scare people anymore. He needs to realize he is being offered this promotion because he is deserving, and because of his loyalty to his company. They regard him as an asset and they believe his representation of their company to their clients will be successful and profitable.

Ask your husband if he doesn't think his bosses have earned the opportunity to test their instincts about him.

And point your husband to this video (it shouldn't be TOO hard).

LeAnn Rimes on Psoriasis

And use some of that promotion money to take a 2nd honeymoon!  -Clara Dewke

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