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about ed dewke

Ed Dewke was diagnosed with psoriasis by a barber in 1989. Thereafter he was misdiagnosed by a few doctors until a dermatologist actually confirmed the barber's diagnosis in 1991. At its worst, Dewke was between 30% and 50% effected by plaque, pustular and/or inverse (flexural) psoriasis. He was treated with topical corticosteroids after his 1991 diagnosis. In 1993 he tried — but was quickly deemed an unsuitable candidate for — phototherapy (PUVA and UVB). He tried systemics for the first time in 1999 when his dermatologist sensed joint pain (in fingers, toes and knees) was likely to be psoriatic arthritis. The progression of the arthritis out-ran the palliative abilities of his derm's prescriptions, so his derm wisely referred him to a rheumatologist. Now going on five years under the care of the rheumatologist, Dewke is enjoying clearer skin and less painful joints through biologic therapies.

Dewke, 59, lives in Midway, Kentucky, with his wife, Clara, a cat (Koko) another cat (Grady) a cockatiel (Lucky) and one dog (Merry). Two daughters, their husbands and, between them, 8 grandchildren, all live in "next door" counties in Kentucky. 

In 1996, Dewke wrote and published Flake: Confessions of, is an offshoot of that book, which has now been updated into a Second Edition and is available (free) online.

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