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Briefings 2010

December (final Briefing)

  • Last Update of FlakeHQ
  • New in Flaker Creativity
  • The Last Published Email Exchange


  • Pieces of us are off doing science, now
  • Psoriasis and a New Job
  • New in Flaker Creativity


  • Insurance Difficulties
  • Interview and Book Review: Keith White's Healing Psoriasis Naturally, Pulling It All Together
  • New In Flaker Creativity


  • Mail = "Ed's Capitulation"
  • "Pulling it All Together"
  • Sundown on Biologics for Ed?
  • New this Update


  • Worries About Health Care Reform
  • Spring: When the Psoriasis/Allergy Debate buds anew
  • In this Update's Mail

September '09 through February '10

"Ed's Blog" replaces the "Briefing."  Click here for a directory of "Ed's Blogs."

Briefings 2009

July-August : No update. Site re-development in progress.


  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Bruce Bebo, Ph.D.; Director of research and medical programs for the National Psoriasis Foundation

  • Raptiva and Methotrexate Dominate this Update’s Mail

  • Flaker Creativity

  • July-August 2009 Hiatus for Ed and FlakeHQ


  • The Raptiva Problem

  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Catie Coman, Director of Communications, National Psoriasis Foundation

  • More in this Update


  • Bad Weather and P — Working Too Well Together

  • Indigo plant for psoriasis?

  • New in this update

Briefings 2008


  • Anniversary Card from the Dewkes to You

  • FlakeHQ Interviews: P J Leary

  • Psoriasis Cure Now 2008 Video Contest Winners

  • Update on PSites (formerly PAWSC [Psoriasis Advocacy Web Site Collaborative])

  • Flaker Creativity: Sheehan's "Hills & Skin"

  • AMA Speaks Out on Health Care Reform


  • After Orlando 2008

  • Not Following Instructions?

  • Standby for Ustekinumab from Centocor, Inc.

  • LeAnn Rimes Speaking Out

  • Flaker Creativity


  • Heading for Orlando: 'The Meeting'

  • Why Does Health Care Cost So Much?

  • New in Flaker Creativity


  • Finkelstein's Next Documentary
  • "Health Talk" The More I Listen, the More I Like It

  • Enbrel Being Researched for Use by P-Kids

  • Flaker Creativity Update


  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Rob Traister
  • Writing to Congress

  • Capitol Hill Day 2008: A Fair Shake for Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis Cure Now! Patient Calendar

  • Dermacinz NOT Available in the U.S.

  • Flaker Creativity: Sheehan's "Writers with Skin Like Ours"...

  • NEW AT FLAKEHQ:  Site searching by Google


  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Michael Harnick
  • Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic Take Two
  • Flaker Creativity On Sheehan's Win and New Poem

Briefings 2007


  • Mike H. "Shocking Psoriasis"
  • Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest Winners
  • Concise Explanation of Biologics
  • FlakeHQ Interviewee Deirdre Earls Getting Ink in Austin
  • Dewke to be Guest on Health Talk Program
  • Happy Holidays from Flaker Creativity

September-October 2007

  • Short Sleeve Day
  • Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest
  • FlakeHQ Interviews Phil Aaronson (a Short Sleeve Day coordinator)
  • Flaker Creativity: Sheehan's Latest

July-August 2007

  • Battling for Eventual Biologic Generics
  • Genetics of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Study
  • FlakeHQ Interviews:  Mike Bailin, Cyber-Flaker
  • Flaker Creativity

May-June 2007

  • A Biologics mini-Retrospective
  • FlakeHQ Interviews Our Poet Laureate

March-April 2007

  • Talk About Timing (Interviewee: Deirdre Earls)...
  • New in Flaker Creativity
  • Thanks for All the Well-Wishes

January-February 2007

  • Research Toward a Cure and This Update's Interview with Liz Horn
  • Flaker Creativity
  • The Mail Bag

Briefings 2006

November-December 2006

  • "T-regs" — a specialized T-cell that behaves like an immune system cop
  • Dermacinz now has North American Distributor
  • Ed’s Humira Update
  • FlakeHQ Poet Laureate Gets “Anthologized”
  • New In Flaker Creativity

September-October 2006

  • Ten Years
  • What Happened to July August?
  • FlakerHQ Interviews: Ed Reiss
  • Podcasts and a New High-Tech Web Site for Flakers
  • Two New Articles
  • New in Flaker Creativity

[No July-August 2006 update]

May-June 2006

  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Jody Kim-Eng
  • Ed's Humira Experience So Far
  • Flaker Creativity This Update

March-April 2006

  • NIH Spending on P Research Not Too Impressive

  • Ben Franklin Had Psoriasis

  • Popular Combo Drug Finally Approved in U.S. — Taclonex

  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Fred Finkelstein

  • Introducing "Trace," by Rodger Jacobs

  • New Work by Sheehan & Chapla

  • This Month's Update Delayed by Bereavement

Jan-Feb 2006

  • Lobbying with Michael Paranzino
  • National Psoriasis Foundation's Capital Hill Day 2006
  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Sheri Decker, Executive Liaison for Internation Relations & Special Projects, National Psoriasis Foundation
  • Amevive and Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Health Care Advocates of the Year winners celebrated by Psoriasis Cure Now
  • "Alternative Paths" by Robert Chapla and Sherry S.

Briefings 2005

Nov-Dec 2005

  • My Skin's On Fire, One of a Kind Documentary
  • Organic Hope, makers of Kalawalla, writes to FlakeHQ
  • FlakeHQ Interviews Online Community Pioneer Ed Anderson
  • The Sale of Amevive
  • Flake Book Returning Online

Sep-Oct 2005

  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Dr. John O.A. Pagano
  • Feedback (Fallout?) from Ed's On Raptiva Article

Jul-Aug 2005

  • Themes in This Month's Mail
  • Good News from Psoriasis Cure Now!
  • Sheila Rittenberg: This Month's FlakeHQ Interview
  • Ed's Raptiva Adventure - Finally

May-Jun 2005

  • Psoriasis Advocates Descend on D.C.
  • Don't Look Now - Real Research on a Dietary Approach to P Treatment
  • FlakeHQ Interviews: Dr. Steven Feldman
  • Ed's Raptiva Adventure...
  • New in Flaker Creativity

Mar-Apr 2005

  • Debuting: FlakeHQ Interviews
  • Raptiva Long-term Use Study Concludes
  • Raptiva and Enbrel Available through Medicare Replacement Drug Demonstration
  • New Poems in Flaker Creativity

Jan-Feb 2005

  • An Apology for Nov-Dec 2004 Operating Glitches ...
  • ... and a long-overdue "Thanks"
  • The soon-to-be-retired book that Started it All
  • The Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in Australia


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