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Book Review: Healing Psoriasis Naturally, Pulling It All Together
by Keith White; reviewed by Ed Dewke
posted July 2010

Reflections on My Skin's On fire
documentary producer reflects on his multi-city promotional tour
by Fred Finkelstein
posted September 2006

Expert Panel:
Psoriasis for College Students Can Be a Real Heartbreak

a college student "speak-out" at the 2006 American Academy of Dermatology meeting in San Francisco
by Lise Stevens
posted March 2006

On Raptiva
Ed's reflections after 6 months on the biologic drug, Raptiva
posted July 2005

Capitol Hill Day 2005
Lobbying Congress for Support of Psoriasis

A personal recounting of the experience by NPF's Director of Advocacy, Sheila Rittenberg
posted May 2005

Ed's Soriatane Experience: March-June 2004
Simply put: "Not good."
posted July 2004

Thinking About Biologics?  Try Out These Links
Links to the "official" web sites for the new biologic drugs for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
Posted September 2004

Rebound Diary - Part 2: Mar-Apr 2004
The rebound flair subsides ... Ed starts taking Soriatane
Posted July 2004

Rebound Diary - Part 1: Jan-Feb 2004
Being pulled off systemic medicines for P, Ed chronicles his invariable rebound flare
Posted May 2004

Me, My Enbrel, My Cancer: 91 Days of Coincidence
23 days into his Enbrel therapy, Ed is diagnosed with testicular cancer. This is the story
Posted May 2003

Teen Talks at NPF Conference 2K2!
Lou Sommo reports on the Youth Track tried for the first time in Orlando at NPF's 2002 annual conference. It worked!
Posted October 2002

"Taking the Waters" at Soap Lake, a personal experience
Here's Sheri Decker's bigger story about her trip to try out the healing waters of Soap Lake, Washington
Posted November 2002  

Dissertation to Study Group Psychotherapy with focus on Stigma
Vicki Dowling describes her Ph.D. dissertation research project. Added later: The Abstract for the final dissertation
Posted March 2003

My Liver Biopsy
A leisurely recounting of Ed's experience of something most long-term Methotrexate users go through
Posted September 2002

What Do You See?
A candid consideration of a Flaker's self-image, by El G.
Posted September 2002

Dr. Connolly’s Book Discovered  
Ed's review of Psoriasis Can Be Cured, by Robert Connolly, D.C.
Posted June 2001

Spots, an essay by Anna E. Hess
A daughter's poignant observations of a mother's fight with P.
Posted February 2001

Dewke Cyclosporine Diary: 89 days (April 19-July 17, 2000)
Expensive, frustrating, poisonous ... but effective
Posted July 2000

Bear, an essay by Dena Feldman  
One woman's remarkable story about coming of age as a chronic psoriatic. Caution: Mature themes and language.
Posted January 2001

Dewke Methotrexate Journal: 1st 12 Weeks July 14, 1999 - October 11, 1999 (84 days)
Recounts experiences and impressions during first 12 weeks of personally-feared Methotrexate therapy.
Posted November 1999

Bitching About Itching
Controlling P would be so much easier if they'd just invent something to turn off the itch!
Posted January 1998*

Intrigue at 30,000 Feet
Pulling the wool over the eyes of a sympathetic fellow passenger.
Posted January 1998*

80% Club
For manufacturers of P-remedies, why is "80% effective" a license to advertise misleadingly?

Posted January 1998*

My Role Model
A paralyzed friend showed me how life is best lived "differently."

Posted January 1998*

Hands at Halloween
Reflections on the meaning of cracked and painful hands
at a spooky time of year.
Posted January 1998*

* These articles were posted earlier than January 1998 but revised in some fashion on-or-about January 1998. 

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