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Quadriderm NF Availability
from McKinley

A friend of mine gave me a little Quadriderm NF and it seems to be working on my P.  I recently had a huge breakout like I've never had before.  In short, I know it can't be bought in the U.S., but do you know of a place on the Net it can be bought? -McKinley


Ed's Response:  Quadriderm NF is a powerful combination of betamethasone (used in different formulations in the U.S.) and an antifungal, antibacterial, and other stuff.  I read about it at this we site from South Africa:


Excerpted from this page:  "For topical use in the treatment of a wide variety of eczemas and other allergic and inflammatory steroid responsive dermatoses, including pruritis, where secondary bacterial and/or fungal infection is present or threatens."

Unless your P is resulting in infected lesions, you may not need all that horsepower.  Your positive response may ge coming primarily from the betamethasone.  In the U.S., Diprolene is one of the common creams or ointments containing betamethasone.  You may want to ask your derm about this, or somet other available form of betamethasone, before trying to buy Quadriderm off-shore.  Good luck!  -Ed

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