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PRP Sufferer Finds Relief in Low Humidity Climate
from Barry B.

Hey Dude:  I’ll fill you in on a bit about me and about my PRP (Pityriasis rubra pilaris).   I’m a 27 year old male now living in South Australia .  I am the only one in my family with any skin condition.  I found it rare, and emotionally draining, but yes,  I have found a rather good cure (I hope) that has been amazing at clearing my skin.  And it all comes down to environment and diet.

Believe it or not, when I was diagnosed at the age of 8 with PRP, doctors (dermies) in Newcastle NSW ( Australia ) told me not to worry and it will clear in 3-5 years.  What a joke,  I know now.

Just so you know,  Newcastle is an amazing place, which I miss dearly, but I have found out that its the humidity and diet that caused my skin to flare up constantly for the last 18 years.  Anyways,  I moved to south Australia in march of this year and, apart from a flare up in May/June, my skin has been  amazingly improved. I changed my diet and now only eat healthy food that I prepare myself, and I have a strict balanced diet, but this alone is not why I believe my skin is clearing and for the record its cleared up around 40% (of its original pre flare state) and continues to improve.  The reason is, now I live in a low humidity area. 

Maybe this is our key to improving it without the side effects of drugs. I also use Sorbelene cream as my only moisturiser and Dove cleansing cream on my face and body.  I walk a lot more now days as well and this has contributed to my dramatic improvement, I’m sure.  Even though I still have PRP, it is clearing and I will keep you updated on how my natural drug free approach is going.

Yes I still eat ice cream and chocolate and all the regular stuff.  I drink alcohol sometimes, too. BUT I NEXT TO NEVER EAT FATTY FRIED FOODS unless its mushrooms and eggs OR CRAP SUCH AS FAST FOOD. So, I’m no health nut, but fresh fruit and vegetables and no pre packaged stuff seems to be working for me.

Have you ever thought maybe the doctors are just making money off of you guys?  I know mine made a fortune from me for about 8 years and it was over $150 per 20 minute visit, not to mention the drugs they made me take, and the UV therapy and all that.  With the rate my skin is clearing, now I’d say in 18 months I’ll be completely free of it (unless I do get a flare up, which I doubt).

Oh and guys seriously decrease stress in your lives.  I get a weekly massage these days.  It’s a great relaxer.  What have you got to lose?  You may find like me you save yourself thousands of dollars a year.  I wonder if other people have had any results like this at all?  Cheers.  –Barry


Ed’s Response:  While PRP is not Psoriasis, the two are often confused (see PRP Online Support Group) because symptoms can look and behave similarly and some approaches to control are the same or very similar.  So it doesn’t surprise me that a dramatic change in climate and lifestyle has improved your PRP, Barry.  Many flakers experience similar results and many become convinced that it is finding a “right climate” or “right diet” that can be their “cure.” 

Speaking strictly about psoriasis, now — it’s a complicated disease with no apparent pat answers.  Surely it can’t be disputed that a dramatic shift in climate has cleared some flakers.  But following the same path won’t bring about the same results for everyone.  This is the only thing that is certain about psoriasis.  No known therapy works equally well for everyone.  Which goes a long way toward explaining the discrepancy between cost of treatments and their dubious efficacy.

If you haven’t already, Barry, you should visit the PRP Online Support Group at http://www.prp-support.org.  Best of luck!  -Ed

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