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This alphabetical list of titles assigned to correspondence exchanges is good for browsing. Listings on this page are titles rearranged to put primary subject word at the front. For example, He Could Not Tolerate Methotrexate by Injection, would be reconstructed on this page to Methotrexate; He Could not Tolerate ... by Injection. You may also locate correspondence by site update if you know the year a title appeared. Click on the year, here: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003. If you are looking for specific information in these archives, I recommend you use the Search feature at the top right of most main pages at FlakeHQ. The alphabetical index of correspondence titles on this page does not reveal everything that may be contained in these emails or on this site about any particular topic. The search capability, however, scans most text contained at FlakeHQ, so may point you to pages on which your interest is mentioned or addressed, but not as the primary subject of the document. -Ed

  1. Aalgo (ground seaweed) Helping Husband
  2. Aalgo? Caveat Emptor!
  3. About Hearing Loss and Other Stuff
  4. Acapulco; Got P in ..., PA Relief through Diet Supplement
  5. Acupuncture; Told Not to Try
  6. Accident Trauma Started It
  7. Accident Trauma Exacerbating P; More
  8. Accutane for Acne - P Trigger?
  9. Accutane; Prescribed ... for PRP
  10. Acitretin - See "Soriatane", below
  11. Acne-effect; Might the ... Be An Infection?
  12. Acrodermatitis Continua; Acitretin (Soriatane) for
  13. Acrodermatitis Continua: Another ... Sufferer
  14. Acrodermatitis Continua Sufferer Seeking Correspondents
  15. A&D, Aquaphor and other Moisturizers
  16. A&D; How she Uses ... with Great Results
  17. A&D Ointment - Add P to the List of What It's Good For
  18. A&D Ointment; Another ... Fan
  19. A&D Ointment; Another Testimonial About Miraculous
  20. A&D Report; Another Good ... & Scalp P Inquiry
  21. A&D; More Success with
  22. A&D Ointment vs. Topical Steroids
  23. Adapting at 18 in Sydney
  24. Advice for M.G.
  25. Affording Only OTC Means Living With It
  26. After 24 Years It's the End of Her Rope
  27. After 27 Years It Suddenly Explodes
  28. Allergic Drug Reactions to Biologics and More
  29. Allergic Reaction; Started Like An
  30. Allergies and Psoriasis? It Might Be Simpler Than You Think
  31. Allergies, Itching, Flaking, Swimmer's Ear, &tc.; Roundup On
  32. Allergist Prescribed a Sedative and Said "See A Shrink"
  33. Allergy to Detergents Wasn't; My
  34. Allergy (Pepsi) Was the Culprit; Food
  35. Alternative Treatment Diarists Wanted
  36. Alone With This for 20 Years
  37. Amrit Kalash; Indian Product ... Helps
  38. Amevive Advocate
  39. Amevive (alfacept)
  40. Amevive; All About Taking ...
  41. Amevive and Cancer
  42. Amevive; Any ... Trial Subjects Out There?
  43. Amevive; Canadian ... User Launches Blog
  44. Amevive Combination Therapy Studied (Again)
  45. Amevive; Combo Therapy User Says "No" to ...
  46. Amevive Course Disappointing; Soriatane Retrospective
  47. Amevive; Daughter Achieves Good Results on
  48. Amevive Didn't Help
  49. Amevive Didn't Help, Onercept Promising
  50. Amevive; Eager to Start ... (and FlakeHQ email problem)
  51. Amevive; Early ... Experience
  52. Amevive - First Five Weeks
  53. Amevive First... Lifestyle Questions; New Flaker to Try
  54. Amevive; Half Way Through First Course
  55. Amevive; Hoping ... Will Replace Methotrexate
  56. Amevive IM Disappointing After Amevive IV
  57. Amevive; Jury's Out After Insurance Battle Over
  58. Amevive Keeping Him Clear
  59. Amevive Living Up to Promise
  60. Amevive; Planning Switch from Enbrel to
  61. Amevive Remission Last?; How Long will an
  62. Amevive; Starting
  63. Amevive; Starting ... and a Little Scared
  64. Amevive; Starting ... and How We Live Like This
  65. Amevive; Thumbs Up: 5 Weeks into
  66. Amevive Trial Subject's Experience
  67. Amevive via IV for $2,000 a Visit!
  68. Amevive; Where's ... ?
  69. Amevive Working AFTER 12 Week Course
  70. Amyo-Derm; Another
  71. An Alternative Response to Inquiries (about our P)
  72. Angry About Being Stuck With It
  73. Annual Derm Visits for Same Old Prescription Renewal; Tired of
  74. Another "CuredIt!" Claim
  75. Another "CuredIt!" Claim Worked For Me
  76. Another "CuredIt!"; Tried
  77. [Another] "CuredIT!" Claim Stopped Working Eventually
  78. Another Flaking Colitus Sufferer (with Lung Problems)
  79. Anthem, Flake HQ!
  80. Antibiotic and Antifungal Therapy?
  81. Anti-CD11a (Xanelim) Trial; Severe Relapse After
  82. Anti-CD11a Trial; Bad Rebound After
  83. Anti-CD11aTrial; Crippling Joint Pain After...
  84. Anti-CD11a Trial Sparked 3-Day Migraine
  85. Anti-CD11a Trial: Turned Down for ... Old Head Injury?
  86. Antidepressant Helping Her P
  87. Antioxidants Are His Cure
  88. Antioxidants Weren't His Cure
  89. An Update and Motivational Speech
  90. Aquaphilic: Another Flaker Staple?
  91. Arava and Enbrel; Not So Lucky with
  92. Arava has Subdued PA
  93. Are We What We Eat?
  94. Aromatherapy Helped Her Pustular P
  95. Arthritises; Multiple ... ?
  96. Artist; A Flaker ... : Is That Right?
  97. Asperger Syndrome - Why They Say Those Mean Things
  98. Astrophysicist in Need of Really BIG Lens Cleaner
  99. Attire for Young Ms. Flaker; Appropriate
  100. Attitude Adjustment; Things Looking Up After
  101. Australia; Dr. Tirant's Treatment in
  102. Author Steven Roberts Addresses His Reference to P in 1988 Book
  103. Autoimmune Problems; P and Other
  104. Avandia Trial; Dropped Out of
  105. Avandia; Trying
  106. Aveda Products Helping
  107. Aveeno and UVB
  108. Aveeno is Helpful
  109. Aveeno Similar to 'Disarmed' Skin-Cap?
  110. Ayruvedic Purchase; Not Happy With Her
  111. Baby Oil; Use ... to Remove BANDAIDS
  112. Bad Attitude
  113. Bad Case; No Insurance; What's Free?
  114. Badger Balm and Latin Lesson
  115. Balnetar + Udderly Smooth
  116. Banana Skins?; Anybody Else Tried
  117. Bath Instead of a Shower; Consider A
  118. Be Happy Anyway
  119. Beach Daring
  120. Beach Vacation; Looking Forward to
  121. Becoming Psoriatic: The Early Rounds
  122. Bedside Blooper
  123. Bedside Manner; Regrettable
  124. Been Getting Worse for 15 Years
  125. Benefitting from a Sunshine OD
  126. Best Laid Plans Worked This Time; The
  127. Best P Treatment: Don't Touch!
  128. Betamethazone for Me; Low-dose
  129. Betnovate & Echinacea
  130. Biogen; Flaker Friend at
  131. Biogen Launches
  132. [Biologic Drugs} Do I Want to Take a Drug That's So Expensive?
  133. Biologic; How About Reducing or Stopping a ... Once You're Clear?
  134. Biologic Needed But How Can I Afford It?
  135. Biologic; New ... for Asthma Hold Any Promise for P?
  136. Biologics; Can One Develop an Immunity to...?
  137. Biologics Don't Come Easy in Oz
  138. Biologics: Fear of
  139. Biologics Make Him Yearn for Natural Remedies
  140. Biologics; Thinking About ... ? Try Out These Links
  141. Biologics vs. Light Therapy
  142. Biologic; Which ... to try?
  143. Biologic?; Why Does Derm Say My P Doesn't Warrant a
  144. Biopsy Experience; A Positive Liver
  145. Bioskin Experiment Inconclusive
  146. Bioskin; More on
  147. Bioskin Products; Wondering About
  148. Bioskin; Think Salcura instead of...
  149. Birth Control a P-Trigger?
  150. Black Flaker; Reflections from a
  151. Blood Blisters!; World's Oldest Flaker Speaks Out On
  152. Blood Pressure Medication; Did ... Trigger His P?
  153. Blue-Cap for Scalp P?
  154. Boyfriend Get Close; Can't Let a
  155. Breastfeeding While Using Enbrel; The Safety of
  156. Breasts; Lesions on Adolescent's
  157. Booze: A Rhetorical Question
  158. Booze & Elders
  159. Booze Triggers Psoriasis
  160. Broken Ankle Made Lesions Go Away
  161. Broken Ankle Made Lesions Go Away - Follow-up
  162. Broken Bone; Another ... Relates to P Clearing
  163. Burdock Root?
  164. Burns; Did Severe ... Trigger His Psoriasis?
  165. Calaguala see Kalawalla
  166. Calendula Ointment Only Thing that Helps
  167. Calcium Problems and P?
  168. California Flaker Creeping Into Beach Scene
  169. Campus Isn't Thrilling; P On
  170. Canadian Drug Study Subject; Initial Report from
  171. Canadian Drug Study Subject; Interim Report from
  172. Cancer!; Misdiagnosed With
  173. Cancer are Luckier; In a Sense, Those with
  174. Cancer; Skin ... Check-up - And P While You're At It
  175. Cancer; No, Those with ... Aren't Luckier
  176. [Cancer] Rethinking the Big C vs. the Big P
  177. Candida Killing Campaign; P Away After a
  178. Candidiasis Therapy Beat My P
  179. Career Choice for Flaker
  180. Caribbean Climate; No Help From
  181. Castor Oil for Scalp P
  182. Castor Oil; Where ... Really Comes From
  183. Catching Up (with Stealth)
  184. Celebrity Advocate; We Need A
  185. Celebrities? Don't Forget Joe Diffie
  186. Celebrities with Psoriasis?
  187. Charcoal Filtered Drinking Water Her Trigger
  188. Child Taunted
  189. Childhood Reminiscences
  190. Childhood Taunting Has Made Me a Better Person
  191. Children as Balm to Flaker Parents
  192. Children; Would our ... Inherit P?
  193. China; Letter from
  194. Chinese Herbal Medicine Didn't Work
  195. Chinese Medicine Worked Like Nothing Else
  196. Chinese Remedy; Better Luck with
  197. "Chin Up"; A ... for Ed
  198. Cirrhosis; Psoriasis vs.
  199. Claire's Story: Not New But Well Told
  200. Climatotherapy in Western U.S.?
  201. Cloistered for 15 Years
  202. Clothes You Wear Make You Flair?; Can the
  203. Clothing and P - Follow-up
  204. Coal Tar Product; Needs Replacement for 33%
  205. Coal Tar; Topical ... Compounded in Rome
  206. Coal Tar USP; Using
  207. Cod and Flax Oil Cleared Me
  208. Cod and Flax Oil Gel-Tabs; "Yes" on
  209. Cod Liver Oil Enthusiast
  210. Cold Medicine Helps Somewhat
  211. Colitis & Psoriasis
  212. Colitis; Itching ... and P
  213. Collagen Vascular Disease; Blindsided by ... During Derm Visit
  214. Colleague's Out of Patience
  215. Colloidal Silver for P?
  216. Combo Prescript and OTC Regimen Working for Him
  217. Combo Regimen; In His ... Only Steroids Get Results
  218. Combo Therapy; Good Results from
  219. Coming Out as a Flaker
  220. Committed to Raising Public Awareness in 2001
  221. Computer Program; Pernicious Itch Inspiring a
  222. Confidence?  How about 'Swimming Teacher'
  223. Connolly, Dr. Robert ___ Out of Contact?
  224. Connolly; The Mysterious Dr.
  225. Connolly; More About Dr.
  226. Connolly  's; Dr. ...  Rationale Doubted
  227. Connolly; Dr. ... Responds
  228. Connolly; Read ... "Years Ago"
  229. Consider How the Flake-less Feel
  230. Coping Tips; Some
  231. Cordran Tape and Luxiq Experience
  232. Corticosteroids; GP Warns Against Strong Topical
  233. Corticosteroids; Systemic Problems from years on Topical
  234. Cortisone Cured Everything
  235. Cure; Are We Going to Discover a ... in This Decade?
  236. Cures!; Doc Promises Over Night
  237. Cute Abuse
  238. Cyberspace; Lonely in
  239. Cycle; Does P Have a Natural ... of Waxing and Waning?
  240. Cyclopamine - A Fast Clearing Topical?
  241. Cyclopamine; More on ... (Corn Lily)
  242. Cyclosporine; 100% Effected and on ... Now

  243. Cyclosporine; Cautious About

  244. Cyclosporine; Coming Off ...: Panic!

  245. Cyclosporine; Derm Tries Creative Dosage of

  246. Cyclosporine Diary - 89 days (April 19-July 17, 2000)

  247. Cyclosporine; Flaker on ... Now Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

  248. Cyclosporine for Near A Year - No Problems
  249. Cyclosporine; Four Years on
  250. Cyclosporine in Redwoods Land
  251. Cyclosporine; Miraculous Results with
  252. Cyclosporine or Enbrel
  253. Cyclosporine the Only Thing That's Worked
  254. Cyclosporine; Used ... for One Month Only
  255. Cyclosporine?; Why Was I Switched from Methotrexate to
  256. Dad Doesn't Understand
  257. Dandruff; Help for 'Severe ...' from Aveda and Saini Herb
  258. Date Jitters; FlakeHQ Helping First
  259. Dated a Flaker Before She Became One; She
  260. Dating Service; How About a Flaker...?
  261. Daughter, 29, Getting It Hard
  262. Daughter's Doing Well
  263. Daughter's Inpatient Treatment and Trial
  264. Daughter's Scared; Mom Flakes and This
  265. (Daughter's Scared...) Mom and Daughter Respond to Paige
  266. Dead Sea Advocate
  267. Dead Sea Fan
  268. Dead Sea to Green Tea
  269. Dead Sea; Looking for .. Sojourn Tips
  270. Dead Sea: Progressively Milder Relapses?
  271. Dead Sea Salts Baths Helping Slowly
  272. "Dead Sea Salts" Products Really Work?; Do
  273. Dearth of Books About P
  274. Debilitated and Lonely
  275. Debilitating, Intractable P and Un-Insured
  276. Debilitating P on Hands
  277. Denied the Right to Enroll in Stressful Classes
  278. Deodorant, New Remedy
  279. Deodorant Remedy; Update on the
  280. Deodorant Therapy Report; Ed's Goof on
  281. Deodorant Therapy; Nix the
  282. Depressed Husband in Baja California
  283. Depression Among Flakers; DLQI Could Shed Light on
  284. [Depression] P Developed After Starting Antidepressant Meds?
  285. Depression Drug Worsened P
  286. Depression & Psoriasis
  287. Depression & Psoriasis (cont.)
  288. [Depression] Antidepressants Experience
  289. Depression & P; More on
  290. Depression & P; More on (August '00)
  291. Dermacinz in the UK
  292. Dermacinz in the UK; Success with
  293. Dermacinz Success Story; Another
  294. Dermacinz Working for Her
  295. Dermarest Products; Considering
  296. Derma Smoothe, Luxiq, Diprolene, Olux, Dovonex...
  297. Dermatomyositis; P or ...; Big Difference
  298. Dermatovate in the U.S.?
  299. Dermatovate; Another ... Enthusiast
  300. Derm; After Cheery ... She Gives Up
  301. Derm Asking For Too Much; New
  302. Derm Chastises for Lack of Insurance
  303. Derm Didn't Tell Me About My Neighborhood Treatment Center
  304. Derm; Ed and Dave Think Different About This
  305. Derm Experiences
  306. Derm Had Me Experiment with 2 Drugs at Once
  307. Derm Insinuates a Cure
  308. Derm Is Lucky to be Nameless; This
  309. Derm Not Willing to Prescribe Systemics
  310. Derms, Flatulence and respiratory Assist Devices
  311. Derms, When ... Play Good Wizard
  312. Designer Disease; We Can Make This a
  313. DesOwen; Discovered
  314. Devil's Claw Helped Her PA Pain
  315. Dewke; Message from Clara
  316. Dewke: Another Message from Clara
  317. Dewke; Response to Clara's Letter
  318. Diabetes and MTX Therapy - Should She Worry?; Flaking, Aching,
  319. Diabetes and P Diagnosed On Same Day
  320. Diabetes as Psoriasis Treatment Fall-out
  321. Diabetic Diet Helped
  322. Diagnosis; Got Worse Upon
  323. Diagnosis; Two Years to a Proper
  324. Diagnosis; What About an Online ... Page?
  325. Diagnostic Fence Riding Isn't Helping
  326. Dietary Approach; Wants to try a
  327. Diet: A Good Diet for Immune System Dysfunction
  328. Diet; A ... That Works For Me
  329. Diet Changes; P Spreading and Ready to Try
  330. Diet; Clearing from the Top Down - Via ...
  331. Diet Considerations; Eczema Sufferer Shares
  332. Diet; Customized ... Did the Trick
  333. Diet Has Arrested Husband's Bad Case of P and PA
  334. Diet Helping Crohn's and P
  335. Diet; Pursuing Relief through ... has Calmed the Roller Coaster
  336. Diet; The "Don't Eat" List for Curing P with Diet
  337. Diet Triggers It; Diet Makes it Go Away
  338. Dieting; Crash ... Stopped Her Flaking
  339. Dietary Approaches, Immunosuppressants and his Feet
  340. Dietary Supplement Recipe Cleared P
  341. Diet Regimens and Reactions to Last Month's Mail; Dave On
  342. Diets; Dave W. Comments Widely on 'Anti-P ...'; Listen Up: 
  343. Dimming Her Few Remaining Bright Moments; P is
  344. Disability Payments for Psoriasis
  345. Disabled; Are We ... or What?
  346. Disabling P; Rare Case of
  347. Discovering Other Flakers After 15 Years
  348. Dissuading Beggars in India
  349. Docs Didn't Tell Her Everything
  350. Docs Getting Rich Off Meds?
  351. Doctors; Last Word About ... - From a 7 Year Old
  352. Doctors Warning - Against What?
  353. Dog's; The ... Healing Lick
  354. Dolphins Benefit from Fast Shedding Flaky Skin
  355. Don't Call It a Disease
  356. Don't Leave Home Without Us
  357. Don't Say There's No Cure
  358. Don't Say This Has Helped
  359. Dovobet and Dovonex Working But Not for Scalp
  360. Dovobet and Light Therapy Working for Him
  361. Dovobet Caused Flaring for Mom and Son
  362. Dovobet; Did ... on Clear Skin Cause New Lesions?
  363. Dovobet: First Thing to Really Work
  364. Dovobet Helping in a Hurry
  365. Dovobet in England
  366. Dovobet is the Dog's Dangly Bits
  367. Dovobet; Pagano's Diet and
  368. Dovobet Rebound with a Vengeance
  369. Dovobet Success and what About Tonsillectomy?
  370. Dovobet Therapy Disappointing
  371. Dovobet; The Truth About
  372. Dovonex and Ultravate OR Clobetasol Propionate
  373. Dovonex Experience
  374. Dovonex; Is ... Likely to Help Her Guttate?
  375. Dovonex; Reviewing Calcipotriol, a.k.a. calcipotriene, a.k.a.
  376. Dovonex(TM) Success in Progress
  377. Dovonex Trial; Ed's
  378. Dovonex WITH Ultravate
  379. Dovonex Worked - While I Was Insured
  380. Dovonex Works in South Africa AND Bangkok
  381. Down Under; Year-End Report from
  382. Dropped Out and Trying Eastern Meds
  383. (Dropped Out and Trying Eastern Meds); Advice to V.
  384. Drowning in Advice and Sympathy; She's
  385. Dr. Singh; Chuckling About
  386. Dr. Tirant; About ... and the Psoriasis & Skin Clinics
  387. Dr. Tirant's Psoriasis and Skin Clinic Changed Her Life
  388. Dr. Tirant's Regimen; Going to Try
  389. Drugs; Non-P ... Thwarted Treatment Until Changed
  390. Drugs; On the Cost of New Wonder...
  391. Drug Study; Risking Rebound for
  392. Ear Goo & Weepy Wine-Colored Patches
  393. Ears; P In
  394. Eating Right in Kansas
  395. Eczema or Psoriasis?
  396. Eczema Sufferer; The ... Appreciates Our Itching Problem 
  397. Eight Year Old Flaker Faces Treatment Limitations
  398. Elephant Men; We're All
  399. Elidel for Psoriasis
  400. Elocon/Doak (compounded) Shampoo
  401. Embarrassing but Not Debilitating; His P is
  402. Enbrel; Acne-like Breakout from
  403. Enbrel; Acne-like Outbreak On
  404. Enbrel After Methotrexate Disaster; Awaiting
  405. Enbrel and Acne
  406. Enbrel and Cancer; More on
  407. Enbrel; Believes ... Caused His Leukemia
  408. Enbrel Blog and Thoughts on the Pagano Diet; His
  409. Enbrel; Combining ... and Systemics
  410. Enbrel; Combining ... with Other Therapies
  411. Enbrel; Confrontational Derm Finally Allowing
  412. Enbrel; Cyclosporine and ... Prescribed at the Same Time?
  413. Enbrel Dilemma; Resident Astronomer's Pregnancy and
  414. Enbrel Diary On-Line; His
  415. Enbrel; Disappointed by ... and Kalawalla
  416. Enbrel Does the Trick After Post-Partum Flare-up
  417. Enbrel Doesn't Help After 3 Months; Will Quit if
  418. Enbrel: Drug Induced Lupus caused by
  419. Enbrel: Five Months Off Enbrel and Still Clear
  420. Enbrel for Eczema?
  421. Enbrel and Olux; Desperate - Hopes On
  422. Enbrel and Remicade and Lymphoma Association?
  423. Enbrel; Current ... Study Subject has 'Won the Lottery'
  424. Enbrel Didn't Work, Now Jury's Out on Amevive
  425. Enbrel; For Him ... Reduces Skin P Without Entirely Eliminating It
  426. Enbrel; From Miraderm to
  427. Enbrel Helped Immediately
  428. Enbrel; Her Cancer Fear on
  429. Enbrel; HPV, ... and Warts
  430. Enbrel is Next; Methotrexate for Years, 
  431. Enbrel Looks Unlikely; As Insurance Co-Pay Goes Up, Continuing...
  432. Enbrel May Have Saved a Career
  433. Enbrel; Mystery Rash Caused by...?
  434. Enbrel Not Overpowering a Raptiva Rebound
  435. Enbrel on Double Dose; Starting
  436. Enbrel, On-line Diary of ... Therapy
  437. Enbrel; P and Depression Better On
  438. Enbrel She Get's Lymphoma; After 3 Years on
  439. Enbrel; So Far ... Not Working
  440. Enbrel; Starting ... and Olux Foam at the Same Time
  441. Enbrel; Still Faring Well on
  442. Enbrel: To Do or Not To Do
  443. Enbrel Trial; Apprehensive About
  444. Enbrel; Trying ... After 14 Years Without Relief
  445. Enbrel; Two Years and Great Results on
  446. Enbrel, Underway with ... !
  447. Enbrel Vet Understands; Even
  448. Enbrel "Wearing Out" - Might Try Pagano
  449. Enbrel Wore Out; Possible Allergy to Raptiva
  450. Enbrel Worked for Arthritis, Less so with P & the Importance of SLEEP
  451. Enbrel Working Great, but New Year Means New Deductible
  452. Enbrel Working (after rocky start)
  453. Enbrel Works for FlakeHQ's Resident Astronomer
  454. End Is Nigh
  455. End Is Nigh - Follow-up
  456. English Bulldog De-flakes New Zealand Boy
  457. ER Nurse-Flaker Gets Advice
  458. Erysipelas - A Word Worth Learning
  459. Erythrodermic Multiform P, or EM, is also "Extra Misery"
  460. Erythrodermic P Can Be Fatal; Why
  461. Erythrodermic P; I have ... , I Think
  462. Expense of Treating P
  463. Exorex and the Grateful Dead
  464. Exorex; Customized ... Regimen is Working
  465. Exorex; On ... and a Plumbing Metaphor
  466. Exorex Worked for Him
  467. Exorex Working - Sort of
  468. Explanation: I Need a Simple Documented
  469. Face P; Is An Electric Shaver Better for ...?
  470. Facial P Rare?; Is
  471. Fake Tan is Improving Her P
  472. Fake Tan Still Working: More Details
  473. Familial Responsibility; More on
  474. Family; Whole ... Has P (Maybe)
  475. Family Won't Be Stigmatized; This Flaking
  476. Fashion Advice; Abbi S. Says Thanks for
  477. Fashion; Another ... Idea
  478. Fashion; More ... Help for Abbie S.
  479. Fashion; More ... Feedback and Advice on Biologics
  480. Fashion Tips for Abbie S.
  481. Fed Up and Laying Off Meds
  482. Female Cycles Related to P Flares?
  483. Fifteen Years Without an Explanation
  484. Fifty Years of Perfect Health - Then P
  485. Fighting P; She's Happier Not
  486. Fired; Glad He Got
  487. First Me, Then Dad
  488. Fish?; Psoriasis-eating
  489. Fish?; Anything New About Dr.
  490. Fish; Psoriasis-eating ... - It's True!
  491. Fish Oil Cleared Her
  492. Fish Oil: It's All in the Dose
  493. Fish Oil Success Epic; A
  494. Five Year-Old Son's Story
  495. Five Year-Old Son's Story - Part 2
  496. Five Year-Old Starting School with Severe Pustular P
  497. Flake: Confessions Triggers Old Memories
  498. Flaked for 34 Years and Still Counting - Derm-free For Awhile
  499. FlakeHQ; No Clear Directions from
  500. FlakeHQ; Why I Like
  501. Flaker's Jargon; Let's Hear More
  502. Flaking in Brazil
  503. Flaking in Paradise
  504. Flaking vs. Acting
  505. Flare; Does a Bad ... Mean You'll Always Flare That Bad?
  506. Flare; Globe Hopping When a ... Happens
  507. Flare; Her ... and What She Does About It
  508. Flare-ups and When to Use Biologics; On
  509. Flax and Borage Oils Still Working - 10 Months
  510. Flea Bag
  511. 'Fluid on the Ear?'; P Caused by
  512. Fluocinoide Success and Caution
  513. Following in Dad's Footsteps
  514. Foot P
  515. Foot P Making Mom Miserable
  516. Forgotten Option; A
  517. Forty-Six Years with P
  518. Found Us By Accident
  519. Freezing Lesions Cleared me for a Year
  520. Fumaderm; Success with ... in Scotland
  521. Fumaric Acid Esters; Another Positive ... Experience
  522. Fumaric Acid Esters: Her Miracle
  523. Fumaric Acid Esters: Not an "Alternative" - Caveat Emptor
  524. Fumaric Acid Ester; Still Stable on
  525. Fumaric Acid Treatment
  526. Fumaric Acid Treatment; Canadian Fighting Pustular with
  527. Fungi?; Is P Caused by Toxins from
  528. Fungus and P
  529. Funny About It?; What's
  530. Gator Balm?
  531. Gene Cream Down Under
  532. Gene Therapy
  533. Gene Therapy?; Any More Info on
  534. Gene Therapy; More on
  535. Genetic Confirmation?, Two out of Many:
  536. Genital P; Ignorant Docs and
  537. Genital P; Is Lover's Story About ... for Real?
  538. Genital P and HPV; P,
  539. Genitals; Flexural P On the
  540. GermX for Palmo-plantar pustulosis (PPP)
  541. Gilds Body Ointment (OTC Coal-tar extract and salicylic acid)
  542. Globe-trotting Stress with Diet; Battling
  543. Goerkermann Definition Needs Warning; Ed's
  544. Gone for 10 Years - It's Back
  545. GP Did More For Me Than Derm
  546. Guttate Erupted After Strep Throat
  547. Guttate P and Dovobet
  548. Guttate P Everywhere
  549. Guttate P; "Newbie" to
  550. Guttate P; Newly Diagnosed with
  551. Guttating in Spain
  552. Hair: Help! My Hair is Leaving!
  553. Hair Loss and More On Stress
  554. Hair Loss; Fast Break-Outs and ... Undermine Sex Appeal
  555. Hand and Foot P; New to
  556. Hand P
  557. Hand P (2003)
  558. Hand P; Debilitating ... Threatens Livelihood
  559. Hand P; Maybe It's ... and Maybe It Isn't
  560. Hand P; Occlusive Regimen for
  561. Hand P; Painful ... and Feet P
  562. Hand P; People Shy Away from
  563. Hands and Nails is His Worst; P on 
  564. Hands; Bad ... , Suspected Allergy, May Be P
  565. Handling First Impressions
  566. Happy Non-Fighter Fights Back
  567. Harvard Flaker Acquires Sunlamp
  568. Harvard; Tips from Our ... Flaker
  569. Harvard; Is ... Ready for Her?
  570. Hawaii Is Good Medicine
  571. Hawaii Prescribed for Better UV Rays?
  572. Hazel's Back and Wants to Chat
  573. Hazel's Goop Ingredients
  574. Head Lice; Do ... Like Flaky Scalp?
  575. Head Lice; School is Mistaking Daughter's P for
  576. Head Lice; Might Son's ... Be P?
  577. Head Lice Mistake Garners Apology
  578. "Heal"; A Drink Called
  579. Heal Thyself
  580. Hearing Loss; On P and ... (2)
  581. Hearing Loss; P and ... (1)
  582. Hearing Loss; Hearing Doctor Comments on P and ... (3)
  583. Help by Letting go
  584. Helpless Case?; A
  585. Hepatitis C and Flaking
  586. Her 30-something Spirit in her 50-something Body
  587. Hereditary; How Many Diseases are ...?
  588. Heredity, Misdiagnosis and -- Lying Mother?
  589. Herose for P: An Inquiry
  590. Hiding; Aren't You In ..., Ed?
  591. Hit with 95% Coverage in 12 Months at Age 56
  592. HMO Denying Therapies
  593. HMO Membership Delayed Discovery
  594. HMO Restricted Referrals = Bad P Treatment
  595. Homeopathic Way (Diet) was Hard - But It Worked
  596. Homeopathy Experience
  597. Homeopathy; Will Turn to
  598. Hormones; P and Female
  599. Hospital Stay I'm Flake Free; After
  600. Hot Soaks are Probably Hurtful
  601. Houseman's Inspiration
  602. How Do I Stay Informed?
  603. How I Learned I Had P
  604. HPV and P
  605. HPV and P; Another Strange Case of
  606. HPV and P - We'll Ask Again
  607. HPV; Correlating ... and P
  608. HPV PAP Results?; Can P Cause Positive
  609. Hu291 then Cyclosporine Trial Concluded
  610. Hu291 Test Subject; Report from
  611. Hu291 Trial Done - Cyclosporine & Gene Mapping Next
  612. Humira Trial; Participating in
  613. Humira Trial Subject is Very Happy
  614. Humira Trial Was Successful
  615. Humor is the Best Coping Mechanism
  616. Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
  617. Hypnotherapy Sounds Plausible
  618. Ibuprofen Made My P Worse
  620. "Immune System Dysfunction"; Healthcare X-Files
  621. Immune System Issue; P is Not Just an
  622. Immune System; Overactive ... or Over-sensitive Skin?
  623. Immune System Overload from Cyclosporine
  624. Immune System; Possible Supplement to Help Restore Ed's Ailing...
  625. In 40 Years It's Gotten As Bad As It Gets
  626. Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT): Gravity + Sleep = Improved P
  627. Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT): Gravity + Sleep: Follow-up
  628. Infection; EMT Worries About
  629. Infections, Immune System and P?
  630. Inflammatory Disorders X 3, Olux and Dovonex
  631. Info Wanted on P, Candida, and Antibiotics
  632. In Love and To Heck With P
  633. Innerlight "Supergreens"
  634. Insensitive Boss Drove me to Better Job
  635. In Strindberg's Shadow
  636. Insurance; How Bad Can an ... Battle Get?
  637. Insurance; Fighting It Without
  638. Intelligent?; P Means More
  639. International Resources for Non-U.S. Flakers
  640. Itch; Add to the Stigma the Unbearable
  641. Itch; Cocoa Butter to Abate
  642. Itch, How Could it be Psoriasis? It doesn't __!
  643. Itching; An Old Remedy for ... Still Works
  644. Itching: Consequence AND Cause
  645. Itching; Desperate for Relief from...
  646. Itching; Sick, Flaring and Mad from...
  647. It's Spreading
  648. It's Taken Time to Learn to Live With P
  649. Jamaica; Back to Healing in
  650. Job Search Hurdle; About to Graduate, P a
  651. Jobs, Lose a Pet, Improve P; Change
  652. Johnson's Baby Oil - Our Secret
  653. Judith D's USANA Trial & Zinc Experience
  654. Just Diagnosed
  655. Just enough to make it liveable...
  656. Just Say No to Discrimination
  657. Kalawalla; Continuing to Heal Slowly with ... and Diet
  658. Kalawalla and more; Francis Reprised: On Chlorine, Cayenne,
  659. Kalawalla; Another ... Testimonial
  660. Kalawalla Any Better than Immune System Food Supplements?
  661. Kalawalla; Finding
  662. Kalawalla Helped Her
  663. Kalawalla; May Add ... to Her Pagano Regimen
  664. Kalawalla's "Organic Hope" Fading? But There's Light!
  665. Kalawalla Plus Essential Oils
  666. Kalawalla; President of Organic Hope Writes About ...
  667. Kalawalla Progress Report
  668. Kalawalla Re-investigated
  669. Kalawalla; Scammed by Organic Hope ... ?
  670. Kalawalla; She's Responding with ... as Part of Her Regimen
  671. Kalawalla; Starting
  672. Kalawalla Straight From the Source
  673. Kalawalla to Pagano Regiman; Update on Adding
  674. Kalawalla Under Other Names
  675. Kalawalla Working Fast
  676. Kenalog (intralesion injections)
  677. Kids are P-less
  678. Koebner; Dewke's Reverse
  679. Koebner; Reverse ... and Zone Diet
  680. Kudos for Dr. Koo and UCSF's P Treatment Center
  681. Kukui Nut Oil
  682. Kukui Nut Oil from Oils of Aloha
  683. Kukui Nut Oil Products: Tests Unrevealing
  684. Karate; Tell'm You Do
  685. Laser Therapy Users; Seeking Feedback from
  686. Lately to Care For Her P
  687. Lattes and Cruise; Status Quo with...
  688. Laughing Matter?; A
  689. LDN: Another Positive Report on LDN for P (how does the immune system work?)
  690. LDN; Lesions Diminishing with Ongoing Use of
  691. Leaky Gut; Evolving His Own Theory About
  692. Learn; The More I ... , the Scarier it Gets
  693. Lesions Improve for No Apparent Reason; After Years of Treatment
  694. Lesion Starts and Auto-immune Associations
  695. Lesions; 537 ... and Lucky
  696. Lesions Clear?; How Will My
  697. Lesions; Oozing ... After Using a Pumice Stone
  698. Lesions; Sanding and Polishing
  699. "Leucostat" version of Kalawalla
  700. Lies are More Believable than the Truth
  701. Life Almost Not Worth Living Until...
  702. Life a Rosebush? P the Thorns?
  703. Life Change; Did Major ... Trigger It?
  704. Lights and Topicals to a Biologic - Maybe; From
  705. Like an Allergy, But Disabling
  706. Like Mother Like Daughter
  707. Liver Biopsies in the UK
  708. Liver Biopsies, MTX Dosing, and Tabloid Update
  709. Liver Biopsies?; Why Are We Still Undergoing
  710. Liver Biopsy; She Had a Disastrous...
  711. Liver Biopsy; Somewhat Primitive
  712. Liver Biopsy; Another ... Survivor
  713. Lives; Shorter ... of Psoriatics
  714. Liz Horn Interview; Thanks for the
  715. Lonely and Flaking in the UK
  716. Lonely; On Crys B.'s ... 20-Year Vigil
  717. Long Sleeves in Spite of the Heat
  718. Lori's Rejoinders
  719. Lover; Found ... In Spite of P
  720. Lover's P; Info Helps Her Deal with Her
  721. Love Story - Denouement
  722. Luxiq (see Cordran Tape and Luxiq Experience)
  723. Makeup Tips; Update and
  724. Malaysia; Having P in
  725. Manifested at Age 56; P
  726. Manila; In the Dark in
  727. Mavena Spa Therapy; Success with
  728. Medco Lab Customer Service: Deny Anything; Apparent Policy at
  729. Meds; Concerned About My
  730. [menopause] Change of Life Brought P
  731. Menopause; Looking Forward to
  732. Metho Meany Finds Us; Another
  733. Metho; Not Ready for ... Yet--But Paying Attention
  734. Metho's Working But She's Still Depressed in Scotland
  735. Metho; Theory About Missing Your
  736. Methotrexate; Absolutely Petrified by
  737. Methotrexate; A case of ...-induced Road Rage?
  738. Methotrexate and Antidepressants May Be a Bad Combo
  739. Methotrexate and Anti-Inflammatories
  740. Methotrexate and Biologics; Combining
  741. Methotrexate and Cyclosporine Therapies; Retrospective on Long-term
  742. Methotrexate and Mood Swings
  743. Methotrexate; Appetite Suppressors and
  744. Methotrexate Blues and Light Units for the Home
  745. Methotrexate-Caused; More ... Mood Swings
  746. Methotrexate Experience
  747. Methotrexate; Fear Aside, She's Trying
  748. Methotrexate; Full-body Rebound After
  749. Methotrexate Had Been His Safety Net
  750. Methotrexate; Hair Loss on
  751. Methotrexate Helped PA but Not Skin
  752. Methotrexate; Holding Off Starting
  753. Methotrexate; Injectable ... Blues
  754. Methotrexate; I Drank and Took ... When I was a Teen
  755. Methotrexate Journal; Ed Dewke's
  756. Methotrexate; Lifetime Limit of ... : What Next?
  757. Methotrexate; Liver Problem After Years of
  758. Methotrexate; Long Term ... Fall-Out
  759. Methotrexate Made Him Downright Mean
  760. Methotrexate Mood Swings; Another Sound-Off about
  761. Methotrexate Mood Swings; Recapping Testimonials on
  762. Methotrexate; Another ... Meany
  763. Methotrexate; Another ... Meany Report
  764. Methotrexate: Yet Another ... Meany
  765. Methotrexate; On
  766. Methotrexate; On ... But Alcohol Never Mentioned
  767. Methotrexate Out for Harry, In for Ed
  768. Methotrexate for Psoriatic Arthritis (Instead of Antibiotics?)
  769. Methotrexate Mood Swings; Still More on
  770. Methotrexate; More on Hair Loss and
  771. Methotrexate; Must You Have PA to Use ... ?
  772. Methotrexate and Prednisolone: A Depressing Combo?
  773. Methotrexate Rebound Despite Stress; NO
  774. Methotrexate Rebound ... Kukui Nut Oil
  775. Methotrexate; Resident Astronomer Thumbs Down
  776. Methotrexate (MTX); They Won't Give Him ... @#$$&!
  777. Methotrexate; Safe to Take ... and Cyclosporine at the Same Time?
  778. [Methotrexate]; Seven Years on MTX and No Liver Biopsy
  779. Methotrexate Turned Me Into a Screaming Monster
  780. Methotrexate; Using ... for 8 Months Now
  781. Methotrexate and Weight Gain
  782. Methotrexate; What's the Right Dose of ... ?
  783. Methotrexate; When to Start ... ?
  784. Methotrexate; Who's Lost Hair Using...?
  785. Methotrexate; Why are Mood Swings from ... Unacknowledged?
  786. Methylprednisolone (Medrol) for P?
  787. Mild Flaker Checks In
  788. Mild P; Will ... Stay Mild?
  789. Mint; More on ... (or Menthol?) Shampoo
  790. Mint Source Shampoo; U.S. Version of U.K.'s ... ?
  791. Mirkin's New "Cure"; Dr.
  792. Misdiagnosed for 2 Years
  793. Misdiagnosis; Another
  794. Misdiagnose; UK Docs
  795. Miss My Flakes. Really, I Do
  796. Moducare® Food Supplements for P?
  797. Moducare Helping Her P
  798. Mom's Sympathy; A
  799. Monkey De-flaked His Scalp
  800. Mood Swings, Diabetes & Psoriasis
  801. More Good Times with an Old Friend (Faust)
  802. Motto and List of Definitions?; Where's Our...
  803. Motto; New FlakeHQ
  804. Moved and Flamed
  805. MTX - See "Methotrexate", above
  806. Mugged!
  807. Multiple Skin Rots
  808. My Life So Far with P - A Bullet Version
  809. My Skin's On Fire Creator Responds to Ed's Comments
  810. My Skin's On Fire; Medical Pros and Insurance Folk Need to See
  811. Mystic Tan Defeats Her Guttate P
  812. Mystic Tan P Therapy?
  813. Nail Injections and Fumaric Capsules
  814. Nail P and Occlusion Therapy
  815. Nail P: Is It Forever?
  816. Nail P; Painful
  817. Nail P Therapy: Lose Nail
  818. Nail P Was Really Fungus
  819. Nails Are Corrupt and Not Growing; Husband's
  820. [Nails] No Fingernails Because of P
  821. Naltrexone; Might Low-Dose ... (LDN) Help P?
  822. Nana; Flaking ... Finds New Strength
  823. Nat's Effect: Is P Symmetric?
  824. Nat's Effect, Meds Working, and Nightly Soaks
  825. Nat's Effect: NIH Counted On It
  826. Natural Alternatives; Newbie Looking for
  827. Natural Remedies; Her Luck With
  828. Natural; Wanting to Try Something
  829. Naturopath; Nascent ... Has the Answer
  830. Naylor Udder Balm
  831. Nephropathy; Psoriatic ... Nearly Killed Her Baby
  832. Nervous Romance has Become an Engagement; Her
  833. Neuropathy from PA?
  834. Never Laughed at P
  835. New Flaker
  836. Newfoundland Community; Research in a Flaking
  837. Newfoundland Kelp Claimed to Help P
  838. Newfoundland Research; Update on
  839. New to P
  840. Naturopathic Approach Working for Husband
  841. "Nocturne"
  842. No Nightshades - and Gilds Ointment
  843. Non-Psoriatic; Confessions of a
  844. Northern Ireland; Looking for Flaker Friends in...
  845. Now the Tan's Embarrassing
  846. [Nudist] Back to Camp and an Herbal Remedy
  847. Nudist Flaker
  848. Nudist Friend; Banker Poses No Challenge to Our
  849. Nudist; More from
  850. Nudist; FlakeHQ ... #3
  851. Nudist: Proof Positive
  852. Nutritional Supplements; Improving With
  853. Objectivist Flaker in New Zealand; Treats from an
  854. Obnoxious Strangers
  855. Occlusion and Too-Speedy Doc
  856. Occlusive; Using a One-Step
  857. Older is Harder; Getting P When You Are
  858. Old Friend; Greetings from an
  859. Olux and Tazorac - Doing the Trick
  860. Olux Foam Cleared P Beyond Scalp
  861. Olux Foam + Dovonex: Best Yet
  862. Olux Foam: First Thing to Work in 25 Years
  863. Olux Foam for Leaking Toes?
  864. Olux Foam for Poison Ivy?
  865. Olux Foam Working on Skin Lesions for A Year Now
  866. Olux; Is There Such a Thing as Bargain-Priced ... ?
  867. Onercept Trial Subject in Newfoundland
  868. Onercept Working and More Convenient than Remicade
  869. Oprah's "Disgusting" P-like Experience
  870. Ophthalmic Drugs Triggered P Flare?
  871. Oregano Oil is Her Life Saver
  872. Organics Antidandruff Shampoo Works; Unilever's
  873. "Orlando in August"; Don't Say
  874. Out of Options(?)
  875. 'Out of the Closet' Since Reading FlakeHQ
  876. Overachieving Skin Production
  877. PA; After ... Diagnosis the Lesions Come
  878. PA and Hepatitis C; Debilitating Combo:
  879. P-Arthritis; Diagnosing
  880. P-Arthritis; Late Coming ... Wreaking Havoc
  881. P-Arthritis, PUVA & Skin Cancer
  882. P-Arthritis; Rheumatologist Helped my
  883. PA; Doxycycline or Sulfasalazine for ...?
  884. PA Flares; A Predictable Litany of Symptoms Presage Her
  885. PA; Flutist with ... in Hands
  886. PA Get Started?; How Did Your
  887. PA: Heredity, Blood, Stress and Alcohol
  888. P and MS?
  889. P and Obscured Vision
  890. P of the Mouth
  891. P-babies: A Moral Dilemma?
  892. P Earned Me a Key Chain
  893. P Groups - Leper Societies?
  894. Pharmaceutical Companies and Psoriasis (and; The Big
  895. P in All the Wrong Places
  896. P-Kid Mom; Lessons Learned by a
  897. P-Moms and "Fingernails"
  898. P-Nightmares - Anyone?
  899. P "Put-Downs"
  900. P Song!; New
  901. P Thwarts Romance
  902. P = "Too Much Wine"
  903. Pagano; Diet "Like" ... Working with Topicals for Her
  904. Pagano Diet; More Success with
  905. Pagano Diet; Skeptical About the
  906. Pagano Diet; Thoughts on the
  907. Pagano; Dr. ... Isn't a Scam
  908. Pagano's Diet Works
  909. Pagano; Follow-up on Diet "Like"
  910. Pagano Has Worked for Him
  911. Pagano Legit?; Is
  912. Pagano Regimen; Four Months On the
  913. Pagano Regimen; Wants to Try
  914. Pagano); Shame On Ed (Who Doesn't Do
  915. Pagano's Too Restrictive for Me
  916. Pagano; Two Months on ... and Already Convinced
  917. Pagano Update; Biologic Reflections and
  918. Pagano Was Easy and it Worked
  919. Pagano; Wife Trying ... and Blue Cap
  920. Pagano; Year on ... - Report
  921. [Palmoplantar Pustulosis] Tough Time Finding Good Treatment for PPP
  922. Paper; Carbonized Triplicate ... a Trigger?
  923. Parental Guilt
  924. Passed Up Rare Opportunity Because of P
  925. Paul's Case
  926. Paxil for Depression; Tazorac & Dovonex
  927. Pee Therapy and Hockey Anecdote
  928. Penicillin; Does ... Trigger P?
  929. Perioral Dermatitis from Corticosteroids
  930. Phototherapy; Home ... Has Worked Best for Him
  931. Phototherapy; Finally Prescribed ... , but How about Tanning Salons?
  932. Pigment Loss - Related?; P and 
  933. Pity Pot (a.k.a. Chriss Venting); The
  934. Pityriasis Robra Pilaris; I have...
  935. (Pityriasis Robra Pilaris) PRP - Similar but Different
  936. Play it Again, Sam
  937. Polypodium leucotomos see Kalawalla
  938. Pork-less Will Help; Hoping
  939. Positive Attitude; Sunshine, Clobetasol, Alpha Keri and
  940. Prednisone for Rare Case of Disabling P
  941. Prednisone; Paranoid Co-workers and
  942. Pregnancies; Her 2 ... Affected Her P Differently
  943. Pregnancy, Caffeine & "Skintreat"
  944. Pregnancy; Ed's ... Theory(?) Reprised (Oh My!)
  945. Pregnancy; Interested in ... and P Connection
  946. Pregnancy and P Study
  947. Pregnancy Thwarted Flaking - for Awhile 
  948. Pregnancy; Second ... Made P Worse: Comments?
  949. Pregnancy; Worried About Meds and 
  950. Prescribing by Obnoxious Derm; Questionable
  951. Prescrips Too Expensive
  952. Prescription That's Hard Not to Like; A
  953. Pretty in Pink
  954. Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases; P and ...:  An Association?
  955. Prodigal Returns from Abroad with News of Elta
  956. Progression; Retrospective on Treatments
  957. Protopic and Pregnancy
  958. Protopic - New Topical for Hard-to-Help Places
  959. Protopic; On ..., 20-Minute Symptoms and Derms
  960. PRP-Kid; Mother of
  961. PRP (Pityriasis rubra pilaris) Online Support Group
  962. PRP Sufferer Finds Relief in Low Humidity Climate
  963. Psoramexal, Has Anyone Tried __?
  964. PsorChat; About
  965. PsoRelief; Another Clue in the Search for
  966. PsoRelief; In Search of
  967. PsoRelief; Where has ... Gone?
  968. PsoRelief Lotion?; Any Replacement for
  969. Psorederm Being Pitched in Scotland for Treating P
  970. Psorederm Cream
  971. Psoriasis Bad AND Good
  972. Psoriasis in Only One Place; Why ... ?
  973. "Psoriasis Psoriasis" - a poem
  974. Psoriasis Tab
  975. Psoriasis Today?; Is There More
  976. Psoriasis X-Files
  977. Psoriatic Arthritis; Glucosamine & Chondroitin for
  978. Psoriatic Arthritis, CMO for
  979. P(soriatic)A(rthritis); Just Diagnosed with
  980. Psoriatic Arthritis; More on CMO for
  981. [Psoriatic Arthritis] New to (and Frightened About) PA
  982. Psorigon Back as "PS-98 Advanced"?; Is
  983. [Psorigon] PS-98 Doesn't Work
  984. Psorigon, PS-98, OTC Remedies and CariDee English
  985. Psorigon/PS-98 UK War Report
  986. Psorigon and Jamaica's Revenge
  987. Psorigon; Another ... Rebound Report
  988. Psorigon; Another ... Report
  989. Psorigon; Another ... Victim
  990. Psorigon Danger
  991. Psorigon; Looking to Buy ... in the UK
  992. Psorigon Rebound?, What to Do About
  993. Psorigon Victims in the U.K.; Mustering
  994. Psorigon War in U.K.; Update on Cherry's
  995. Psorigon War Update (05/00)
  996. Psorigon War; Latest News on (05/02)
  997. Psorigon Worked, Now Trying Dovonex 
  998. Psorigon Victim Searching for Alternatives
  999. Psychotherapy; Any Connection between ___ and Psoriasis?
  1000. Pun Page!; We've Made the
  1001. Punk Reactions from Down Under
  1002. Pustular P on Feet Threatens Wedding on Beach
  1003. Pustular Psoriasis on Hands
  1004. Pustular P; Unorthodox Way of Treating
  1005. PUVA
  1006. PUVA After Effect: Severe Itching?
  1007. PUVA Baths
  1008. PUVA; Can [it] Cause Sterility?
  1009. PUVA; Can't ... the Face P
  1010. PUVA Experience in Switzerland
  1011. PUVA Itch
  1012. PUVA Itch? NOT!; Baths & Lotions for Deep
  1013. PUVA Itch; Cream with Menthol: His Best Relief for...
  1014. PUVA: More Info
  1015. PUVA and Dr. Tirant Experience; Painful
  1016. PVAC???
  1017. PVAC (Psoriasis Vaccine); 'Nuther Report on
  1018. PVAC: More Scuttlebutt
  1019. Quadriderm NF Availability
  1020. Ralph Nadering the Well-Wishers
  1021. Ramada Inn Pool; Daughter Evicted from
  1022. Raptiva; About ... "Adverse Effects"
  1023. Raptiva AND Acitretin AND Pagano
  1024. Raptiva and Anemia: Any Connection?
  1025. Raptiva and Kalawalla at the Same Time?
  1026. Raptiva Backfired; Severe PA and AS when...
  1027. Raptiva Disappointment; Misdiagnosed, then a
  1028. Raptiva; Fearful About Starting
  1029. Raptiva; Hankering for ... after Good Amevive Experience
  1030. Raptiva Helping (Enbrel Didn't)
  1031. Raptiva; How Fast Does ... Work?
  1032. Raptiva; Infections Following ... Lead to Hospitalization
  1033. Raptiva; Insurance Hiked Co-pay for
  1034. Raptiva; Losing ..., Fearing Rebound, What and When is "Next"?
  1035. Raptiva Maybe Brought on Shingles & Terrible Rebound
  1036. Raptiva; Must I Stop ... When I Get A Cold?
  1037. Raptiva; Payment Hassles with Caremark Regarding
  1038. Raptiva Predecessor Trials; More on Adverse Reactions from
  1039. Raptiva Rebound Be?; How Bad will the Post-
  1040. Raptiva; Recent Developments with
  1041. Raptiva Side Effects; Derms in Canada and
  1042. Raptiva Stopped Working After Seven Months
  1043. Raptiva Trial; Another Bad Reaction during
  1044. Raptiva Trial Subject Has Unusual Reaction
  1045. Raptiva Triggered Psoriatic Arthritis
  1046. Raptiva; Trying
  1047. Raptiva Use Coincidental?; Father's Early Death and
  1048. Raptiva Worked Well in 12 Weeks
  1049. Read that will Make Them Understand?; What Can People
  1050. Reasons to be Glad We Are Flakers
  1051. Rebound; Coping with
  1052. Reflections from a P-Mom with P-Kids
  1053. Reflections On Moving
  1054. Regimens in Oz; My P
  1055. Rejection & When the Dr. DOESN'T Know Best
  1056. Related to One of the "Worst Cases In History"
  1057. "Relish" Therapy
  1058. Remicade Regimen; About to Launch
  1059. Remicade and Arava Have Me Cleared
  1060. Remicade; Continuing Good News About
  1061. Remicade; Continuing ... Now, But It's Dicey
  1062. Remicade for Crohn's Disease Improved P
  1063. Remicade; Good Results on
  1064. Remicade; Good Run on ... Might Be Over
  1065. Remicade; Her ... Experience - Chapter One
  1066. Remicade; Her ... Experience - Chapter Two
  1067. Remicade; Her ... Experience - Chapter Three
  1068. Remicade; Her ... Experience - Chapter Four
  1069. Remicade; Her ... Experience - Chapter Five
  1070. Remicade - His Miracle
  1071. Remicade; Hoping ... Will Be Her Answer
  1072. Remicade Miracle
  1073. Remicade - Ralph G's Annual Report
  1074. Remicade Still Working After 4 Years
  1075. Remicade Stopped Working After Interruption for Illness
  1076. Remicade Success Story
  1077. Remicade Success; Update on
  1078. Remicade was Paradise, Until--
  1079. Remicade Worked for Plaque - Enbrel for Arthritis
  1080. Remicade Working Well and Fast
  1081. Remission During Pregnancy; Any Clues From?
  1082. Remission; P's Back After 15 Year
  1083. Researching; Always
  1084. Research News; Where's the
  1085. Research Subject?; P Throughout Family: Good
  1086. Resolved but Not Capitulating
  1087. "Reversyl" - Huh?
  1088. Role Model for P-Kids; Be a
  1089. Role Modeling for P-Kids; More on
  1090. Romantic Difficulties; Recollecting
  1091. Rosacea on top of P Ends Light Therapy Solution
  1092. "Rosacea"; Firing a Healthcare Provider and
  1093. Salsa (the dance) as Therapy
  1094. Samambia see Kalawalla
  1095. Santa Monica-based Flakers to Befriend; Wanted
  1096. Saskatchewan; Greetings from
  1097. Scalp Cocktail Didn't Do It For Me
  1098. Scalp Cocktail; Wondering About
  1099. Scalp Formulation and One-Man Lab; Do It Yourself
  1100. Scalp Itching and Search for Remedies
  1101. Scalp P; At 20 ... is the Pits
  1102. Scalp P; Brit Looking for Help Surviving
  1103. Scalp P; Chlorine or Hard Water Exacerbating...?
  1104. Scalp P Drives Her Nuts
  1105. Scalp P; Four Year Old Losing Hair to
  1106. Scalp P has Got To Go!
  1107. Scalp P in India
  1108. Scalp P Q&A
  1109. Scalp P Recipe in England
  1110. Scalp Psoriasis; Insanity =
  1111. (scam); The Latest Psoriasis Cure
  1112. Scratching Until It Hurts
  1113. Sea Breeze® for Scalp P?
  1114. Sea Water?; Doesn't Everybody Know About
  1115. Seborrheic Dermatitis and Can Relate; I've
  1116. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis; Simpatico With
  1117. Seborrheic Keratoses - Not Psoriasis, but What the Heck
  1118. Seeing Another Flaker Makes Warm Feeling
  1119. Self-Diagnosed
  1120. Self-Diagnosis; Aggressive
  1121. Self-Esteem; Achieving Clearance Re-invented Her
  1122. Self-Esteem, They Diagnosed My
  1123. Sensible & Succinct
  1124. Serrapeptase for Psoriasis?
  1125. Serrapeptase Helped her Flaking - Among Other Things
  1126. Severe Psoriasis; a Profile of
  1127. Shake My Slimy Hand
  1128. Shanghaied by the Chinese Treatment
  1129. Shave; Full-Body-
  1130. Shingles!
  1131. Sign for All of Us; A
  1132. Singles-With P Site You've Been Asking For; Here's that
  1133. Sheri Decker Interview and Other matters; On
  1134. She Told Him!
  1135. Shit Happens
  1136. Shock Treatments; Add 'Positive Thinking' to
  1137. Shock Treatments Cleared Her
  1138. Sickly; Can P Make One ... ?
  1139. Singing Detective On Its Way
  1140. Six-year-old Responding Only to Steroids
  1141. Skin Cancer Combatant on Enbrel Waiting List
  1142. Skin Cap Devotee Back from the War
  1143. Skin-Cap; Ed's Take on
  1144. Skin-Cap; Good News for Devotees
  1145. Skin-Cap; Is it Back in the UK?
  1146. Skin-Cap; Still Using ... , Waiting for Something Better
  1147. Skin-Cap Worked Best, But Divorce Worked Too
  1148. Skin Capless in Sydney
  1149. Skin Discoloration; Lingering
  1150. SkinZinc(TM) Helping her Face P
  1151. Smallpox Vaccine Safe for Flakers?
  1152. Smoking and P
  1153. Smoking and Accupressure P Treatment
  1154. Snow; She Thinks We Should Enjoy the
  1155. Soap Lake
  1156. Soap Lake; What About...?
  1157. Soap Lake; What's Happening at
  1158. Social Security Disability Denied
  1159. Socks and Bleach
  1160. Son; Five Year Old ... with Recalcitrant P
  1161. Son's Uncle Flakes and Now Son Has Problems
  1162. [Soriatane] Acitretin Didn't Work - Could CRTs be Causing P?
  1163. Soriatane after Cyclosporine
  1164. Soriatane; Amazing Results from
  1165. Soriatane; Considering
  1166. Soriatane Dosage Juggling
  1167. Soriatane Experience at 2 Months
  1168. Soriatane for PRP Victim; Long-term Consequences of
  1169. Soriatane; Flaking Less Than a Year - Trying
  1170. Soriatane His "Cause" Not His "Cure"
  1171. Soriatane; It's PRP, not P, and ... is Prescribed
  1172. Soriatane; ITP Sufferer Has Rare Reaction to
  1173. Soriatane; Life After
  1174. Soriatane; Losing Weight Fast - On 
  1175. Soriatane Not Working, Considering a Remicade Study
  1176. Soriatane On a Seasonal Schedule
  1177. Soriatane Side Effects Lingering 5 Years After the Fact
  1178. Soriatane Side Effects Too Awful to Tolerate
  1179. Soriatane; Some Success with ... + UVB + Shaved Legs
  1180. Soriatane; Starting ...: Am I Going to Peel?
  1181. Soriatane Still Working; After 7 Months
  1182. Soriatane Success Story
  1183. Soriatane and Male Reproductive Ability?
  1184. Soriatane; Three Months After
  1185. Soriatane Treatment a Bust
  1186. Soriatane, Yes to Seawater Plunges; No to
  1187. Soriatane? Not For Me
  1188. Soriatane, Hair Loss and Freckles
  1189. Soriatane, Having Second Thoughts About
  1190. Soriatane Hell
  1191. Soriatane; More About Weight Loss on ...
  1192. Soriatane; Not Sure About
  1193. Soriatane; So Far So Good on
  1194. Soriatane; Trying
  1195. Soriatane Users; Want to Hear from
  1196. Soriatane Users; Wants to Hear from
  1197. Soriatane/UVB Combo Therapy
  1198. Soriatane Was Looking Good Until
  1199. Soriatane; Weight Gain From ... ?
  1200. Soriatane; When Does ... Start Working?
  1201. Soriatane Working After Juggling Dosage
  1202. Sorry Bottom
  1203. Spanish Ant Food
  1204. Special Camp Counseling Made Me Feel Lucky
  1205. Spots Linger After Guttate Sores Subside
  1206. Squeamish Girlfriend
  1207. Squeamish Girlfriend (more)
  1208. Stealth's Story
  1209. Steroid Fix; Doc Withheld My
  1210. Steroids Taken for Asthma Cleared P
  1211. Stigma; Even Veterans Feel the
  1212. Still crazy after all these years
  1213. St. John's Wort For Depression Helped P
  1214. Statistics and a Sole Story; P
  1215. Sting More than Itch?; Does P Ever
  1216. Stopped Fighting After 25 Years
  1217. Strep-to-Guttate-to-Plaque-to-Arthritis
  1218. Strep Triggered Her Devastating Experience
  1219. Stress and Immune Systems; On
  1220. Stress At 11?
  1221. Stress Reduction
  1222. Stressed About Stress
  1223. Stressed Since Childhood
  1224. Stress'll Do It
  1225. Sudden Onset; Worst Case of ... He'd Seen
  1226. Sudden P Explosion After 17 Years
  1227. Suddenly Psoriatic and Recalcitrant, Too
  1228. Suffering & Attitude
  1229. Suffering & Attitude - Follow-up
  1230. Sulfasalazine (Axulfidine) for P?
  1231. Sulfodene Again - Gotta Wonder
  1232. Sulfodene (for dogs) Worked for Her
  1233. Sulfodene (for dogs) Ingredients Uncovered (but mystery not solved)
  1234. Sulfodene - The Dog Shampoo that Helps P
  1235. Sulfodene May Not Be Safe
  1236. Sunlight Concentrate! I don't know...
  1237. Sun, Sea and Bonalfa
  1238. Sweaters, Baths, Moisturizer + Pagano Trial
  1239. Swelling; Mystery
  1240. Swelling Theory and Aquaphor Experience
  1241. Swimming Pool De-Flaked Me
  1242. Swimsuits; Tan-Through ... for Sun Exposure
  1243. Synalar Gel for Scalp P in England
  1244. Taclonex Heavily Discounted?; Did You Know you Could Get
  1245. Taclonex; Peeling Palms and
  1246. Tar-Based Shampoos; What's Up With...?
  1247. Tar Shampoos; An Alternative to...?
  1248. Tattoo Safe for Flaker?
  1249. Tattoos and Giving P to One's Kids; About
  1250. Tattooing, Chlorine in the Water, Scalp & Nail P; More on
  1251. Taylor Jackson M-Folia Products
  1252. Tazorac; Can ... Pose Risk to Pregnancy?
  1253. Tazorac Healing Her Nail P
  1254. T-Cell Inhibitors; What About...?
  1255. Teacher; P-Problems for New
  1256. Tea Tree Oil
  1257. Tea Tree Oil; More Good Luck with
  1258. Tea Tree Oil; On ... Pranic Healing and More
  1259. T/Gel Overnight Dandruff Treatment
  1260. Tegison and Donating Blood
  1261. Tegison and Donating Blood; More on
  1262. Tegison Availability
  1263. Tegison Available in Japan
  1264. [Tegison] Blacklisted as Blood Donor for Taking Drug that Didn't Work
  1265. Tegison Licked his PRP
  1266. Tegison; Still Broiling about "Etretinate's Curse" (a.k.a. Tegison)
  1267. Tegison; Still More on ... Blood Donating, and Side Effects
  1268. Tegison; The Other Side of the ... Story
  1269. Tegison; Turned Down as Blood Donor Because of
  1270. Tegison Wrap-up
  1271. Temovate; Bad Rebound after Using
  1272. Ten Steps to Control
  1273. Tetrasil for Psoriasis?
  1274. Texas Helps While Waiting for Amevive
  1275. T/Gel Overnight
  1276. Thanks
  1277. Theory; Psoriasis and pH - Orin's ...
  1278. Therapy; Finding .. for both Ps [psoriasis] and PA [psoriatic arthritis]
  1279. Therapy; Seeking Inexpensive
  1280. There'd Be a Cure If Bill Gates Had It
  1281. Tick as Trigger?
  1282. Tired of Trying
  1283. Tomatoes are the Culprit
  1284. Tonight I Need to Empty My Gut
  1285. Tonsillectomy; Another ... Advocate
  1286. Tonsillectomy; Don't Discount
  1287. Tonsillectomy; If Bacteria Aren't Causing Sore Throat, Will ... Help?
  1288. Tonsillectomy; Responding to ... and Penicillin Allergy
  1289. Transdermal Gel Compounded with...
  1290. Treading Water in Michigan
  1291. Treatments; Finding ... to Live with Both P and MS
  1292. Treats from the Emerald Isle
  1293. Treats On (not In) Saran Wrap
  1294. Treats In (not On) Saran Wrap; More
  1295. Trial Volunteers Wanted
  1296. Tribute; A
  1297. Triggers; Definitive List of P
  1298. Tropics; Trip to ... Cleared in 2 Days
  1299. T-Shirts for Coping
  1300. Turmeric Bringing About Startling Results
  1301. Turmeric; Trying
  1302. Turtle; Flaking Not Appreciated, Except by
  1303. Two-Drugs-at-Once Trial; Salad Days for the
  1304. Two Lines for the "Do Say This List"
  1305. U.K.; Twenty Years to Diagnose P in
  1306. Ulcerative Colitis and P; Another Possible Association between
  1307. Ulcerative Colitis Became Psoriasis
  1308. Ulcerative Colitis; More
  1309. [Ulcerative] Colitis; Recent Graduate from ... to Psoriasis
  1310. Ultravate/Dovonex Combo Working in Jamaica
  1311. Unaware of NPF
  1312. Uninsured and Dealing With It - Together
  1313. Uninsured; For the ... Inexpensive Regimens Matter
  1314. UVA/UVB and Tanning Beds; Recap on
  1315. UV, Anthralin, What's Next?
  1316. UV Product Supplier in Australia
  1317. UVB and Tan-thru Swimming Suits; Lesion "Halos," Painful
  1318. UVB Discolors the Good Skin
  1319. UVB; Homemade
  1320. UVB; Homemade ... Follow-up
  1321. UVB; Homemade ... Lamp Misrepresented
  1322. UVB Lamps; More on Homemade
  1323. UVB; Look for Home ... Suppliers
  1324. UVB; Narrowband ... and Breast Feeding?
  1325. UVB; Narrowband ... in British Columbia
  1326. UVB; Narrowband ... is His Lifesaver
  1327. UVB; Narrowband ... is My Miracle
  1328. UVB Lamps & Snorkeling
  1329. UVB Works but Lifestyle Change In Order
  1330. UV Danger of; How Loved Ones Feel, and
  1331. UV Lamp
  1332. Vacuum; A ... Made for Flakers?
  1333. Vacuum: My Oreck ... Has Been Reliable
  1334. Vacuum; Seeking Recommendation for Good Upright
  1335. Vagisil for P?
  1336. Vegetarian; Going ... Has Helped Considerably
  1337. Viagra-vating
  1338. Vibrations; Bad Itches, Good...
  1339. Viceless but Flaking
  1340. Vicks for P?
  1341. Vicks VapoRub; More Good Luck with
  1342. Vinegar; Apple Cider
  1343. Virus Triggers to Pharmacists; From
  1344. Vitiligo Issues
  1345. Von Zumbusch is Sharing His P
  1346. Wanted: The Right Place to Live
  1347. WARNING: It wasn't psoriasis
  1348. Wart Remover for Nail P?
  1349. Water; Going to Try Filtered
  1350. Wedding Day Imminent; Needs Improvement:
  1351. Well Adjusted Flakers
  1352. "What Do You See?"
  1353. What Else to Do But Laugh?
  1354. What Must It Be Like to Have Smooth Baby Skin?
  1355. Wheelchair; Like Being In A
  1356. Where's the Proof that Light Causes Cancer?
  1357. White; Healed Lesions Staying
  1358. White People's Curse?; Is Flaking a
  1359. Why Do Meds Stop Working?
  1360. Why Does Nothing Work Forever?
  1361. Why Fight Too Hard?
  1362. Willow Water from England
  1363. Without Scalp P I'd Be Ticked!
  1364. Women; He'll Compare Me With Other
  1365. Won't Accept P
  1366. Worms; Rediscovered P Palliative - Intestinal
  1367. Worsening P Threatens Career
  1368. Worst It's Been in 18 Years
  1369. Xanelim; Waiting for ... 'cause anti-CD11a Worked Well
  1370. XOMA Ltd.'s hu1124 Trials
  1371. XP-828L - New Product from Advitech
  1372. Yearning to Show Off Some Curves
  1373. Yeast Connection; Supposing About the
  1374. Yeast Therapy Argued
  1375. Youthful Enthusiasm
  1376. Zinc Anyone? And Tazorac
  1377. Zinc, Kelp and Gin Seng
  1378. Zinc No More, Cutivate is Working
  1379. Zinc, Nutrition and Treating P in Sweden
  1380. Zinc's Cleared Me Up
  1381. Zinc Supplements; Fighting P with...
  1382. Zone Diet; Reverse Koebner and
  1383. Zsoria-Med Worked for Me


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